Use Your Tax Refund As A Down Payment!

While most people dread tax time, if you are getting a refund, this time of year can seem almost as rewarding as end-of-the-year bonus season. “Using your tax refund as a portion of your down payment can be a great idea,” said Clint Madison, a senior mortgage adviser with Envoy Mortgage in Walnut Creek, CA. “The more you put into the down payment, the less you have to borrow.”

The required down payment on a median-priced home, which the National Association of Realtors says was $189,000 in February, would be $6,615 with an FHA loan. If you opt for conventional financing, you would need at least $9,450 for 5% down, $18,900 for 10% down, or $37,800 for a 20% down payment.

“Putting down 20% eliminates the extra cost of mortgage insurance,” Madison said. “Even a more modest 10% would improve negotiating power and can provide better interest rates than a lower down payment.”

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