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Las Vegas New Homes

This last month has been a very busy one for our team. Just in November alone we have closed over $1.5milion in real estate transactions and have had many satisfied clients. So between closing transactions, working on upcoming closings, taking on new listings and building relationships with new clients things here have been very fast paced around here- just the way we like it!  Today I wanted to share with you the story of one of our clients who just closed on his home right before Thanksgivings.

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We were contacted by an ARMY friend who was looking for a house. He had been working with another REALTOR for almost a year and was getting very frustrated that he still hadn’t found the home of his dreams so he enlisted our team to help with his search. We listened to all of his must-haves and sure enough within a few short days we were able to find a house that fit all of his needs. Unfortunately that property had CASH multiple offers that our financed buyer just couldn’t compete so as a team we researched all of the options and decided to show him a New Home that checked everything on his list but was slightly above his budget. We were able to negotiate with the Builder to pay ALL of our client’s closing costs, include all appliance and blinds and buy down his interest rate to below the market 3.875% fixed rate which brought down his monthly payments significantly and our client was now able to afford his dream house! With hard work, dedication and our relationships with the builder we were able to get our client the best deal possible on a brand new home, he got to choose all of his options and now is a proud homeowner!

If you or anyone you know is looking for a new or new-to-you home in the Las Vegas Area let our Team of Professionals locate the perfect property for you and get you the best deal possible! Most importantly we won’t charge you anything for our services all of our commission is paid by the builders/sellers so call us today to schedule an appointment!

CALL THE LAS VEGAS NEW HOMES TEAM at (702) 659-0258 or (702) 467-4555!

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